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Let’s take a close look and a brutal take on the Minelab Excalibur II. We will give you a blunt, honest Minelab Excalibur II review to let you know how this detector measures up to its competition. It is touted as a beach detector, so does it really work excellent in these conditions? We will look at the specifications of the Minelab Excalibur II, its features and functions and talk about how this machine actually works out in the real world and not just on a computer screen. After all, your detector is your right hand man for your treasure hunts and you need to be able to depend on it, without doubt.

Quite frankly, the Minelab Excalibur II is an excellent beach comber’s detector. It is fantastic for finding corroded or salt disguised treasures buried in the sand. Now, to be perfectly fair, there are many owners who do not know just how wonderful this machine is.

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One of the main reasons for this is that they did not take the needed time to really get to know the machine. If you just grab a Minelab Excalibur II and run out of the door, you probably will come back empty handed. However, if you watch a video or read a book that specifically gives you a full and detailed Minelab Excalibur II review, you will be extremely pleased with this device.

Take it from someone who has been detecting for over twenty years. After using countless machines, I find the detection ability of the Minelab Excalibur II to be excellent. Now, to be perfectly honest, I have never seen an absolutely perfect machine, all detectors excel in certain areas and there is always room for improvement, even if it is ever so little. With this in mind, the Minelab Excalibur II is awesome, but not perfect and I did not expect it to be.

The Minelab Excalibur II is a land detector that is waterproof, allowing you the best of both worlds. It is balanced well and has great design on land. The balance could be slightly better underwater, but again, I must say that in general, I find it to work wonderful. When under the water, the short shaft on the Minelab Excalibur II tires out your arm a bit. It can help quite a bit if you lie down and hold the Excalibur II out in front of you. However, this also gets a bit tiring after several hours.

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The battery pack of the Excalibur II is mounted on the side of the tubing arm and this can create a bit of a drag when you are sweeping in a sideways motion while underwater. The knobs are not perfect, they can be a bit hard to spin under water, however all in all, I’ve had great success with this machine.

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The battery systems is great in regard to charging, just keep in mind that if you do not see in indicator light, this means that it is charging. So, as a final thought, for my Minelab Excalibur II review is that this is a wonderful unit with great detection capability, good sensitivity and is great for the beach or wading in the water and has proven itself to me. Depending on the strength of your arm, you may find that you do not mind the weight when diving for several hours.

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When you are off on your hunt for treasures, you need to depend on your detector. Without the proper machine, you’re on a wild goose hunt. While your hunches and your overall plan are all you, your detector is your right hand man. You need a machine that you can count on, so that you don’t waste time, so that you can zero in on the treasures to be found and also have fun doing it. We’re going to give a detailed Garrett Master Hunter metal detector review to see how this device measures up against the rest and if it is the right one for you.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or you are just starting the sometimes very profitable hobby of metal detecting, one thing does not change: you need to depend on your machine. Not only do you need a detector that is reliable, you also need one that you personally find user friendly, that feels right in your hands. We’re going to give you an honest, detailed Garrett Master Hunter metal detector review to find out if one of the detectors in this line is right for you.

The Master Hunter is akin to a hidden gem in itself. While this is not the name that immediately comes out of the mouths of serious hobbyists all of the time, this is truly a great detector if you are eager to find jewelry and coins and does a fine job with just about everything else that you may happily come across.

That is really what it’s all about, finding the machine that mimics what your goals are, that works well in the environments that you choose to go into and that seeks out the objects that you wish to find. Quite frankly, the Master Hunter is excellent and it’s hard to say why it does not receive the popularity of some other models, since it rarely lets you down. One theory is that owners like to keep this detector a hidden secret. It finds tiny treasures with ease via its hot response feature and seems to excel finding coins or jewelry at the six to eight inch depth. The sleek design of the cx3 is very comfortable after you get used to using it, you’ll wonder what you did before. One piece of advice, if you ever do find a cx3 and are looking for coins, use a slow search speed, you’ll get excellent results.

Give it a day and you’ll love that you don’t need an arm cuff; you just keep your arm straight and swing with your wrist. You may have heard some talk that the Master Hunter doesn’t go deep: ignore that talk, perhaps it’s said to keep you away from the treasures. Most users are shocked by how deep this machine goes. The ground tracking feature is excellent and you will find the analog digital meter to be a great surprise. The Master Hunter runs at a fairly low frequency, but does have excellent capability to find small objects at very good depth. The two knob discriminator does a fantastic job and if you want to talk about ruggedness, this machine held up to perfection in some very serious, deep woods detecting, not letting down for a second. To sum it up, if you do not specialize in one certain treasure and are looking for a rugged, serious machine that can easily handle rough terrain and do it all, this detector won’t let you down.

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What do you think? Should a gentle warning about the harmful consequences of backbiting be included in each Minelab Safari metal detector review? Perhaps it should go into any review put out by Kellyco. That company offers free headphones to the buyer of a Minelab Safari. Yet, while the Safari operator conducts his or her search, those headphones could allow others to talk “behind the back” of the same detector operator. Today, cigarette packs are expected to carry on them a warning about the harmful effects of cigarette smoke; why not put a warning against backbiting in a metal detector review?

Are five tools sufficient equipment for the task of digging up a treasure that you have found by using a metal detector? That is a question that might enter the mind of someone who reads one Minelab Safari metal detector review. The review posted on the Kellyco website lists the accessories that come free of charge to the buyer of a Safari.

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A five pocket pouch is one of those free accessories. Other free accessories are audio 200 headphones, a large carrying bag with an outside pocket, a state-by-state treasure guide CD, a three pocket coin pouch, a larger “treasure pouch” and a subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine. Of course an experienced treasure seeker knows that no single accessory would motivate a wise consumer to purchase a Minelab Safari.

Instead, a wise consumer might feel persuaded to buy a Safari metal detector, after learning that it can provide him or her with greater flexibility. The Safari has four pre-programmed detection modes and four programmable user modes. The Safari works well under a wide range of field conditions.

The technology upgrades on the Safari allow the operator of that detector to show off its advanced digital filtering, its linear discrimination scale and its large LCE meter screen. Moreover, the operator does not need to feel as if he or she needs to conduct a search within a defined type of environment. The Safari can operate in salt water, on wet sand, in a fresh marsh or on very arid soil. The Safari can also detect treasures that lie buried in ground that emits strong magnetic signals.

What would you want to search for, if you happened to have access to a Minelab Safari detector? Coin collectors use their metal detectors to find valuable coins. News accounts sometimes reveal one potential use for a Minelabe Safari. An occasional news story shares information on discovery of a sunken ship, a ship that is supposed to be laden with wonderful treasures.

Certain uses for a Minelab Safari receive little attention, because they do not represent a legitimate way to go after valuable gold and jewelry. The detector makers do not want to encourage the activities of grave robbers. The detector makers do not want to interest a potential detector owner in the possibility of conducting a nighttime visit to an archaeological dig.

There is also a limit to the number of languages into which publishers have chosen to translate any one Minelab Safari review. That puts a limit on the number of detector buyers. After all, people all over the world enthuse over the prospect of searching for and finding a valuable gold artifact. People all over the world long to take part in a successful treasure hunt.

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With all of the metal detectors on the market it may seem a bit overwhelming to know which machine fits your needs. Let’s take a look at the Minelab Excalibur 1000 to see what this has to offer.

We will look at the specifications of the Excalibur 1000, look into the details of its features and functions, the ease of use and user friendliness, have a good look at the pros and possible cons and give you an honest review so that you will know if the Minelab Excalibur 1000 is the detector is what you are looking for in a possible upgrade or if you are looking for your first detector.

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To see what the Minelab Excalibur 1000 delivers and to find out if this detector is the one for you, we are going to give a detailed, brutal Minelab Excalibur 1000 review to let you know exactly what you are getting with this machine. We will look at the specs, discuss the pros and any cons, have a good look at the features and see how this machine performed out in the field, beaches and other areas.

Let’s begin by looking at the specifications of the Minelab Excalibur 1000. The manufacturer, obviously, is Minelab, who are respected and have given us quite a few great machines. The Minelab Excalibur 1000 is designed for beach and water detecting. It is recommended for advanced users, although this should not stop anyone new to the hobby, if you are the type to read over manuals from start to finish and accompanying videos and let’s not forget if you are good with electronics. The weight of this machine is a light 4.51 pounds and we cannot forget that that this weight is going to feel a lot lighter under water.

The Minelab Excalibur 1000 operates on seventeen different frequencies from 1.5kHz to 25.5kHz at one time. Now, the conditions of beaches can be rough on a detector. We are talking about heavy salt conditions, obviously water and sometimes stormy weather that blows up the sand. Salt water beaches need sturdy and powerful detector that will deliver. The Minelab Excalibur 1000 gives an excellent performance in water sweeping. For the devoted salt water hunter, the Minelab Excalibur 1000 delivers as promised, is extremely reliable and just as importantly, is more than sturdy enough for the conditions.

It is said that the Minelab Excalibur 1000 is comparable to the Explorer SE or the GTI 2500, however I find the Excalibur 1000 perform much better in just about every aspect. Some of the best features are that it works incredible in both salt and fresh water. Having seventeen frequencies all at the same time can’t be beat, the discrimination is unbelievable. The way this baby works is that it uses tones to signal metal that is under the coil. And speaking of coil, it’s great that you have your choice of eight or ten inch coils to see which works best for you. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, the price is the same. Personally, I strongly feel that the smaller eight inch will give you smaller gold targets than the larger ten inch. If you are devoted to looking for nuggets, this would be your best option and the only change si that your area covered will be a bit smaller, worth it for most who really want to go after those gold nuggets. I use the ten inch myself, because I like to comb very large areas of beach. My experience with the Minelab Excalibur 1000 is that it has held up incredibly well, has not let me down and I can’t imagine an upgrade from this incredible hunting companion.

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When you pick up your C SCOPE CS990XD metal detector review, you might want to purchase an old rug as well. Treasure hunters in Iran have found that a detector can operate unseen, as two friends shake a rug above the detector and its operator. When you obtain your review, you might also look for a nearby travel agency. It may become necessary for you to purchase tickets for a nosy neighbor. In that way you could decrease the chances that someone might discover and reveal your treasure hunting adventures. Try to provide tickets to a spot that would appeal to your rather nosy neighbor.

If you plan to go treasure hunting, and if you therefore managed to get your hands on a C SCOPE CS990XD metal detector review, be sure that you use that review to find answers to the most important questions. What are those questions? Below you will find the five questions that should be on the mind of anyone who has thought about using a metal detector.

You might already know the answer to the first question: “What do you want to find?” You might hope to use a metal detector to find a buried treasure. Realize that an item that has been buried deep in the ground can not be found by using an all purpose detector. Read your review carefully. Can a C SCOPE CS990XD pick up signals from a treasure that has been buried deep in the ground?

What are the characteristics of the area where you will be searching? If you are going to search on a beach, then you will need a metal detector that can withstand exposure to salt spray. Are there nosy neighbors in the area where you need to conduct your search? If so, you might want to purchase an extra quiet detector. Otherwise, you will need to provide the nosy neighbor with some sort of distraction.

How frequently do you plan to use your detector? Where do you plan to store your detector? You should ask yourself both of those questions. Your answers will offer clues as to the value of a potential warranty for your planned detector. A good review should indicate whether or not a detector comes with a warranty.

How long would it take for you to learn how to use a given metal detector? Is it possible, for example, to remove a C SCOPE CS990XD from the box and begin immediately to search for a hidden item? Some metal detectors come with an instructional CD. Look in your review for reference to such a CD.

How much money are you willing to spend on a metal detector? Keep in mind the expected returns on your investment. If you can recover a valuable item by using a metal detector, then you should manage to recover all of the money that you spent on that detector.

Now you might have questions that remain unanswered by any detector review. You might want to look for a treasure in a home that does not belong to you. In that case, you might want to visit a DVD store on Westwood Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA. Ask for a DVD of a TV serial. Ask for the DVD that shows all of the scenes from the serial in which a group of Iranian youth looked for a hidden treasure.

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Metal detecting is something that you can do as a hobby, or you can do it as a passion. Those that take their treasure hunting seriously know that Minelab makes some of the best metal detectors in the world, and when Minelab comes out with an innovation in metal detectors it is something worth looking into. The Minelab Excalibur 800 is part of the Excalibur line of metal detectors, and the features along with the quality engineering offered on the Excalibur series of metal detectors are enough to make anyone serious about their treasure hunting to sit up and take notice.

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The Minelab Excalibur 800 has an impressive list of features, but more important than its impressive features is the way that Minelab took the serious treasure hunter in mind when they designed the Excalibur series. Hobbyists and enthusiasts alike will appreciate the quality represented by the solid construction of the Minelab Excalibur 800, and they will also appreciate the engineering that was put into the Minelab Excalibur 800 that allows them to take their metal detecting to areas that they may have never been able to experience before.

One of the first things that you will notice about the Minelab Excalibur 800 is its ability to find valuable items over a broad area and at impressive depths. A single frequency metal detector is a great thing for the hobbyist. They work well and they can do the job just fine. A dual frequency detector can take the hobbyist to the next level and help them to find valuables within a much broader area. The Minelab Excalibur 800 offers 17 full frequencies that take this unit way beyond the standard metal detector area. When you need a metal detector to help you avoid wasting time digging for garbage but at the same time be able to help you find valuables within a wide range, then you need to look at the professional power of the Minelab Excalibur 800.

Have you ever dug in an area based on your detector’s reading and found a nail? The Minelab Excalibur 800 offers an exclusive feature called the iron masking feature. This uses the 17 frequencies that the Minelab Excalibur 800 puts out and finds the valuables that are near the junk you do not want. Iron can usually cause havoc with a metal detector, but the Minelab Excalibur 800 will help you find that valuable gold ring that is sitting right next to that iron nail with no problem. Do not miss out on your chance to find the buried treasure you are looking for, benefit from the Minelab Excalibur 800’s iron mask feature and find all of the treasure an area has to offer.

The exciting part about treasure hunting is to be able to go where not many people can go to find the treasure that has real value to it. The Minelab Excalibur 800 offers you that opportunity because it is able to be used underwater. The Minelab Excalibur 800 can be submerged to depths of up to 200 feet without causing any interference, and it functions just as well in salt water as it does in fresh water. To make the package complete, the Minelab Excalibur 800 also allows its headset to be completely submerged as well. This means that you can take your entire Minelab Excalibur 800 with you on your next deep sea treasure hunt, and never have to worry about damaging your expensive equipment.

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While studying the information on each posted Garrett GTP metal detector review, the author of the following article was most impressed with mention of the fact that the Garrett could operate in relative silence. The author of the following article has been following a TV serial that puts the lead character in charge of a treasure hunt. While he handles the detection equipment, a secondary character acts to divert attention from his friend’s prolonged search effort. He tries to keep a pesky neighbor occupied with numerous small tasks. Both characters could have benefited from access to a Garrett 1350 detector.

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The typical reader of a Garrett GTP 1350 metal detector review does not expect to be paying for high end detection equipment. Yet that reader might well be pleasantly surprised. The GTP 1350 detector has several of the features that avid treasure hunters usually associate with high end detection equipment.

What are some of those features? To begin with, the Garrett GTP produces clear and unmistakable audio tones. Those tones can guide the detector operator in the direction of a valuable metal artifact. Meanwhile, the operator can expect the Garrett’s auto ground balancing to prevent the release of any deceptive tones, tones caused by a metal piece of limited value. In addition, the Garrett detector has preset modes and an icon read out.

The operator of a Garrett detector does not need to worry about making up a story about the unusual sounds emanating from wherever he or she has chosen to search for buried coins, or buried treasure. The Garrett does not beep until it has found a piece of metal of recognized value. The Garrett finds coins and jewelry with pinpoint accuracy.

Of course the most accurate of detectors is of little use to the man or woman who can not understand how to operate such quality detection equipment. For that reason, makers of the Garrett detector have produced a machine that is easy to operate. Still, no one plans to use a metal detector 24/7. Bearing that fact in mind, detector retailers have made a coil brace available to interested detector buyers.

While that brace insures the safe storage of any detector coils, such a brace might receive only limited use, if it is used to store the coils of a Garrett GTP 1350. The operator of the new Garrett detector does not tire easily. The handles on that detector come with a rubber grip. Such a grip represents a step up from the traditional foam grip.

Detector retailers also sell a slide in, slide out battery case, a case that can be fixed to the belt that goes with any Garrett detector. Anyone who plans to search for gold accessories should consider investing in this particular accessory. By wearing such a belt, the detector operator can sustain a search effort for an extended amount of time.

The Garrett detector facilitates demonstration by the operator of patience and persistence, two traits that help to guarantee the success of any search effort. The owner of a Garrett could well be called upon to show an added amount of patience and persistence. The owner of a Garrett detector could find that he or she needs to dig down to a depth of eight or more inches. There is no telling what the operator might find at that depth.

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While the following article jokes about the grammar in one Minelab Excalibur review, the writer of that article appreciates the fact that people all over the world invest time and money in pursuit of metal treasures. The writer of the following article has followed a serial on a Persian TV network, a serial in which the main character sets out on a treasure hunt. While the story in that serial does not recreate a true to life occurrence, still, it is possible that a treasure hunter in Iran was the author of one of the recently posted metal detector reviews. He or she should not be held responsible for the introduction of a new treasure hunting term.

How should one go about evaluating a Minelab Excalibur review? There is at least one review that would make a grammarian cringe. That review ends with this statement: “Only serious detectorist need to buy this machine!”

What is a decteroist? Why would a dectorist want to purchase a Minelab Excalibur? One has to assume that the review writer has created a new term for any person who has chosen to use a metal detector. The review writer had preceded that grammatically incorrect statement with a promise, a promise to coin collectors who might spend many hours on the beach. The review writer had attested to the reliability of the Excalibur.

Apparently there are a number of Excalibur users who hit the beach on a regular basis. Another review writer has said this about the Minelab detector: “This machine is simply the best for finding corroded or salt disguised treasurers.”

A closer examination of the Excalibur reviews indicates the existence of an Excalibur series. One review writer praises the detector’s automatic ground rejection technology, and claims that this feature “makes the New Excalibur II the ideal machine…”

What is the function of that ground rejection technology? Another review writer appears to provide the answer. That review writer has said that an Excalibur can locate gold coins while bypassing trash, the sort of trash that might cause another detector to release a false signal.

That same review writer has called attention to yet another of the Excalibur’s many features. That is the fact that the owner of an Excalibur can replace an unsatisfactory coil with a more efficient coil. Each Excalibur can be fitted with coils of varying sizes. Thus, the owner of an Excalibur can search for coins in either deep sand or in a shallow pit of dirt.

One Excalibur that has yet to be developed is a machine that would allow a deaf person to become a successful coin collector. The owner of the existing Excalibur relies on the detector’s production of different sound frequencies. It emits a different frequency for each of the metals that a detector is likely to encounter. In other words, a skilled detector user can use his or her ear to know when a detected metal piece is made of gold, and when a detected piece is composed of iron.

Here is the last word on detector reviews: No metal detector review should fail to mention the quality of the detector’s batteries. The Excalibur runs on rechargeable nickel and cadmium batteries. Of course it might be next to impossible to recharge those batteries on the beach, or in any outdoor location. For that reason, many detector retailers have added to their inventory the Excalibur alkaline battery pod.

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In some cases a prospector or treasure hunter thinks that he or she can save cash by bypassing the acquisition of a C SCOPE R1 metal detector evaluation. Is there anything incorrect with their thinking? A research of the online remarks about various detectors suggests the demand for revision of such thinking. One prospector and coin collector has actually published a problem about a C SCOPE owner who appeared to question the readings on his device. That uploaded remark came from a friend, a friend who knew the value of the coins in his fellow prospector’& rsquo; s collection. A single coin would have covered the cost of a simple review.

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The scope of a good C SCOPE R1 metal detector evaluation should consist of even more than simply answers to standard consumer questions. At the exact same time, any reputable detector evaluation must not avoid mention of issues that are on the mind of just about every prospective detector owner

A good detector review should inspire the reader to ask this question: “& ldquo; What do I wish to find? & rdquo; If the reader plans to look for gold coins, then that reader could wish to think about a C SCOPE model aside from the R1 model. That, at least, is the impression one gets after researching some online remarks about C SCOPE detectors.

Anyone who has perused a C SCOPE review should comprehend the value of this concern: “& ldquo; What are the features of the area where you will be browsing?” & rdquo; Anyone who plans to look for gold coins or various other gold artifacts has to conquer the barriers produced by mineralization of the soil. Not every C SCOPE can assure to the detector user freedom from fears about dirt mineralization.

The following 2 concerns should handle added value to the reader of a C SCOPE review: “& ldquo; How often do you plan to use your detector, and where do you plan to save your detector?” & rdquo; Online remarks about the C SCOPE R1 recommend that the owner of such a detector requires to demonstrate patience, when waiting for recuperation of the detector’& rsquo; s processor. If you do not understand exactly what a processor is, then you should discover a way to increase your familiarity with the prospectors’ & rsquo; and treasure hunters & rsquo; lexicon. If you stay hazy about ways to specify particular detector terms, then you could find it challenging to interpret the directions for any metal detector. You do not desire to buy a detector, and afterwards invest several months trying to find out how you can run that exact same device.

The reader of a C SCOPE review must likewise remember the alternate name for that unit. There was an amount of time when C SCOPE detectors were sold in the U.S. under the name “& ldquo; Newforce. & rdquo; That truth should continue to be on the mind of the evaluation reader who looks for answers to this last question: What is the asking rate of a C SCOPE RI, and what am I going to invest on a detector?

If you love the excitement of a treasure search, then you do not should invest a lot of money on a detector. If, nonetheless, you are relying on the expected value of a hoped for “& ldquo; find, & rdquo; then you should buy a top quality piece of detection devices. Those 2 facts ought to lead the reader, as he or she researches the prices that have been posted in any detector testimonial.

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Tue, 05 Jan 2010 06:05:29 +0000 en Numerous dealerships offer help in the beginning, because they desire you to be happy with the detector and desire your repeat business. Buying made use of metal detectors is a wonderful if you are able to test it out prior to you buy it, however it might not be a good idea to purchase one online. There is a lack of appropriate security policemans and lines would be too long if individuals had to wait to be scanned by a metal detector. br pOn the most hand it does not hurt to wave your metal detector over any jacket, bag, shirt, or trousers. On the most hand if the idea of a metal detector is that you quickly change to the on position and begin scanning, then it will be thought about as a basic gadget to make use of. These gadgets are typically cautioned to stay clear of airport metal detectors, so if a person has one on them they may be caught with it. The most is a high resolution passive implanted planar silicon pips surface barrier alpha detector. br ppThey appear to work well especially for really small and close items, but they are being more sensitive to getting benign metals. The technology for identifying dynamites were consisted of in the terrorism avoidance act of 2004. Just as i was about to put my suitcase through the xray the tsa guy working the outdoors instructed me to undergo the metal detector. An area of industrial metal detectors for defense of machines, such as crushers are generally priced really reasonable. There is a substantial difference where you purchase your metal detector, there are many places to select from just see to it your selection concentrates on metal detectors. Just as if you were planning to return your metal detector to the producer, keep all the initial documents that featured it at the time of purchase. br pppHow many times will your equipment be inspected keep in mind, evaluations are maybe the most important aspect to keeping a metal detector in terrific condition. Most dealers provide these packages that include trowels, a pin pointer, and typically rechargeable batteries for the detector. Security should be replaced with a layered wellintegrated system, the systems may consist of metal detectors, cameras, and pad locked doors. How commonly will the metal detector be used this is one concern most suppliers ask prior to selling a detector, it is really important to know this info. They appear rather large so it would seem that these would replace the wand metal detector. div stylemargin5pxpadding5pxborder1px strong c1c1c1fontsize 10pxdiv classtextpa relnofollow onclickjavascriptpageTracker. trackPageviewoutgoingarticleexitlink hrefhttpwww. metaldetectornr1. comtreasure detector ainformation and various other related ideas are classified for metal hunters at a relnofollow onclickjavascriptpageTracker. trackPageviewoutgoingarticleexitlink hrefhttpwww. metaldetectornr1. comMetaldetector nr1. comapdivdiv

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